Can you say: Crucifixion, Resurrection, Ascension???

Even first Graders can remember these words:




I’m not saying they’ll fully understand them…after all do we really understand deeply the impact of those three words?

In teaching these ideas to young grades stick with the most basic definitions possible

Crucifixion: Death on a Cross, Jesus died on a cross for us

Resurrection: Rose from the dead, 3 days after Jesus died he rose from the dead we celebrate his resurrection on Easter Sunday.

Ascension: Jesus went up to heaven.   40 days after he rose from the dead.


How far you go beyond the basic will really depend on the amount of time you have for discussion.

As I’ve mentioned in previous postings the story

Benjamin’s Box

and the tool

The Resurrection Eggs

Product Details

are great resources for teaching the passion story(Palm Sunday through Easter Sunday)


One page I’ve discovered over my years of teaching is

The Church House Collection

it contains a wealth of projects and information for Sunday school and religious ed teachers

A favorite activity for this time of year at least in my opinion is “The Jelly Bean Prayer”

Here is a template where you can print and make a bag of jelly beans for each child in your class

(looks like this)

they also have fullsize templates in black and white so the children can color it in:

On their site they also have a bookmark and bracelet of the Jelly Bean Prayer.

Watch for further posts to take you from Ash Wednesday to Palm Sunday


About ellasurreau

I am a first grade religious education catechist I have been teaching for 20 years I have a BA in Religious Studies I have continued taking classes in religious studies since graduating. I grew up Methodist, and became catholic after marrying.
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