How to make it real

When teaching any topic, but specifically math and religious ed(ok I’m not really concerning math here….but thought I’d throw it in there)

We need to find a way to make it real for our students.


of course

how we do that varies with the age of your students from Kindergarten through adult we need to bring the gospel to them in such a way that they understand and become engrossed in not just the story ….but the implications of the story.

So some questions you should have, and questions should definitely know the answers to  follow.

whether you weave these important facts into the discussions you have during Bible readings

or give a new fact each class period these are just some of things you should know that will help make the Bible more real to the people you are teaching.

How Big was Judea?(How big compared to the state/country you  live in?)

How far was it from Jerusalem to Bethlehem or Galilee?

Which two cities near you  would you have to walk between to walk the distance Jesus walked?

some interesting info for you about Jesus’s walking during his lifetime

What about food? What would Jesus eat?

What would a normal meal look like in Jesus day compared to now?

an interesting site called virtual Jewish library has some interesting information(lets remember that Jesus was Jewish)

A good time to talk about food would be when talking about Passover, the Seder meal, the miracle of the loaves and fishes, the wedding feast at Cana…etc….

How many people lived in Jesus’s town?How does this compare to the town you live in?

How big were the houses they lived in? Compared to houses now?(check out this link: Buildings in the time of Jesus)

the following site : Welcome to Hosanna .com is a Lutheran site with some rather neat slides of pictures of the holy land as well as quotes from the bible and references to places Jesus would have traveled.

If you know these and other facts, it will make the bible and the stories in the bible more real to your students

Every classroom should have at minimum a modern world map

on it have circled the state/country you live in



This is especially helpful when comparing sizes with your class

If you have room also have a state map and a map that has zeroed in on the holy land.

Pictures and slide shows showing comparisons also help by don’t forget to ask the class in early weeks to bring pictures from home…pictures of baptisms, family gatherings, etc.

then talk about the things that would be the same in Jesus time and the things that would be different.

and above all

teach in love

teach with love


bring the word of God the

the love of God to your students.


About ellasurreau

I am a first grade religious education catechist I have been teaching for 20 years I have a BA in Religious Studies I have continued taking classes in religious studies since graduating. I grew up Methodist, and became catholic after marrying.
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