Praying in Color???

In my classroom (1st grade religious education) we work a lot on prayer.

  • We Memorize traditional prayers
    • The Our Father
    • The Hail Mary
    • The Glory Be
    • The Sign of the Cross
    • before meals
    • before bed
    • after waking
  • We talk(alot) about the Who What When Wheres of prayer
    • We can pray, about anyone, anything, anytime, anywhere!
  • We create our own prayers
    • Prayers of Thanks
    • Prayers of concern
    • Prayers for the world
    • etc…
  • We’ve tried meditation prayer
  • We’ve tried looking at paintings(religious icons) to aid in prayer

Recently in browsing at the local library I came across a book called

Praying in Color

by Sybil MacBeth

there is also a kids version

find her website here

at first I thought WHAT???? how bizarre is that??

but really

it makes perfect sense

especially for the times when you can’t think of the words to pray

those times when you are

  • too sad
  • too tired
  • too angry
  • too anxious

you get the idea

so for a lesson

  • I told the kids to draw a circle(or two)
  • In each circle write the name of someone they are going to be praying for
  • using colors, shapes and lines fill in the paper around the circles

while they are doing this they should be thinking about what they are thankful for that person for

or what they are praying for that person for(perhaps a grandparent who is sick)


they went home and were to share this prayer with the person they prayed for(if it was possible) or to just share with a family member

I was blessed to witness a little child from my class run to his mother


share his “Praying in Color”

with her

With sincere joy he ran to her

tell her he prayed for her because he loved her soooooooooo much

and then proceeded to tell her about the picture he drew

and told her several times he chose her because he loves her sooooooo much!

WE will definitely be doing another prayer in color soon!

Check out her website

look at the page of examples

Get the book

and then… Pray in color!




About ellasurreau

I am a first grade religious education catechist I have been teaching for 20 years I have a BA in Religious Studies I have continued taking classes in religious studies since graduating. I grew up Methodist, and became catholic after marrying.
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