Teaching Compassion in a world of Hypocrites

What is Compassion?

According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary


noun \kəm-ˈpa-shən\

: a feeling of wanting to help someone who is sick, hungry, in trouble, etc.

the entry in the dictionary goes further though

 with examples of the word

Examples of COMPASSION

  1. He felt compassion for the lost child.
  2. She shows compassion to the sick.
  3. She had the compassion to offer help when it was needed most.



here’s another definition I found online:

So often I sit through church services, meet up with others at coffee shops, and the grocery store or even on Facebook

I hear people proclaim their Christianity

proclaim the greatness of their God

proclaim their love for Jesus Christ

and then out the other side of their mouth

spew violence toward:

women, children, the homeless, the sick and suffering, the uninsured, immigrants, homosexuals, etc…


in general anyone that does not fully agree with them on their take of various biblical passages

It tires me

I am trying to raise my children to be compassionate

to understand that sometimes bad things happen to good people


that through no fault of their own (by the grace of God go I) people end up homeless, jobless, ill, uninsured, etc….

that immigrants although our country names them illegal are like you and I

trying to make better lives for themselves and their children


these very people the groups I have named

the groups of people Jesus would have chosen to spend his time with

helping them

healing them


WE as a society

too often

marginalize them

villianize them

hate them

We would, as a society rather

sit argue about Gun Control

border control

medical insurance


focus faults on political parties

 than have real dialogue on

feeding the poor,

workers having living wages,

providing proper medical care for everyone regardless of wages they earn

The current pope addresses this frequently

Check out this article on Pope  Francis

“we must lead the way and be a shining example of the power of mercy to heal wounds, forgives trespasses and bring harmony in our families and communities.”


ooo and this

so true

oo and this

All of this goes so much deeper


rules and religion

it’s morals

how we treat each other

how we allow others to be treated

It’s no wonder so many churches of all streams of faith are failing

when their congregations

show up on Sunday


turn their back on their faith when they exit the sanctuary

When We are Christian

we believe we are all children of God

When you turn your back

on the poor, hungry, uninsured, injured, etc…..you turn your back on Jesus

and now let us pray

and if you don’t have children

Can I get an AMEN??


About ellasurreau

I am a first grade religious education catechist I have been teaching for 20 years I have a BA in Religious Studies I have continued taking classes in religious studies since graduating. I grew up Methodist, and became catholic after marrying.
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