Welcoming the New (Calendar) Year

Starting a new year is a great way to reteach the liturgical calendar.

Especially for younger children who are drilled daily about the day/month/year

the liturgical calendar can be a little more difficult to understand

this is the type I have up in my classroom

for the sake of teaching really young ones I keep the same calendar up as we talk less about days and more about seasons and this poster is great for illustrating that cycle.



the best way to teach something new: Liturgical Calendar

is to relate it to something they already know: wall calendar at home, school year calendar  and seasons of the year chart

good questions to start off:

How many months?

How many days per month?

found the following online as an example of what a school year calendar usually is

note how there are about 9 months the kids are actually in school not 12 months like a wall calendar has

now talk about seasons

Winter, Spring, Summer Fall

talk about which months happen during which seasons

talk about favorite seasons

talk about things that happen during seasons


now comes the fun part

say to your class

–  ” Just like we have special calendars that tell us the year, at home, or the school year, or the seasons, we have a special calendar that helps us remember the important times of year in the church, and we call it a liturgical calendar”

then hang up the liturgical calendar of your choice and let the kids observe and react to it.

things they may notice:

  • different colors
  • numbers
  • months
  • any pictures on the calendar

make a list on a paper or board about what they noticed then is the time to discuss

talk about

  • when the liturgical year starts
  • the meaning of the colors
    • Purple, being a time to prepare and get ready
    • Green, being ordinary time…etc
  • important days,
    • Christmas
    • Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Sunday
  • How it is a cycle that repeats(just like our calendars always start in january and end in december) ours always starts in advent
  • Talk about the colors as similar to seasons



Obviously depending on the age of your class the depth you go to in these areas will vary.  Follow the kids, allow them to ask questions

and then if you have time have them each make a calendar

there are other versions of this online simply search the web

and here from Loyola press a prayer to start your calendar year


May you all be blessed as you begin this New Calendar year and as you continue on your journey through the liturgical year.



About ellasurreau

I am a first grade religious education catechist I have been teaching for 20 years I have a BA in Religious Studies I have continued taking classes in religious studies since graduating. I grew up Methodist, and became catholic after marrying.
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